Thank you so much for your interest in being a vendor at Swan MX Raceway Park!  We have vendor spots available at all of our events, all year long (Race Schedule)

All vendor spots include:

  • A 20′ spot on Vendor Row
  • Water and electricity
  • PA announcements on our radio station and speakers throughout the park
  • Parking for ONE vehicle

You are welcome to prepare a brief paragraph for our announcer so we can best represent you and your services! We want your business to profit and benefit from being at Swan!

Note:  We do not allow vendors to sell food or drinks. We also do not allow the sale of any item representing Swan, or its events, without pre-approval. 



A vendor spot is not intended to be a race team parking area. If you will have riders who will be racing, they are more than welcome to keep their bikes WITHIN your designated vendor area, however they may not park any additional vehicles there.  We want the vendors to stand out and for their area to NOT look like the rest of the pits so customers will see them and find them better!  For these reasons we ask that they park their cars, trucks, and trailers elsewhere.  

The vendor will be responsible for making sure that all team riders keep their bikes within the designated vendor’s spot, not encroaching outside of bounds.

The vendor will also be responsible for making sure that all team riders park their vehicles elsewhere, and not in the vendor/sponsor parking areas.

Vendors who do not adhere to our guidelines may be asked to leave without receiving a refund.  Swan MX Raceway Park reserves the right to refuse a vendor for any reason.



Most events are $100 plus gate admission.  The 2021 events listed below are 3-day events with larger racer and spectator turnouts.

  • AMA Texas Winter Series: $150 plus $30 gate admission/person
  • AMA Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier: $150 plus $30 gate admission/person
  • AMA Loretta Lynn Vet Regional Qualifier: $150 plus $30 gate admission/person
  • $25,000 Texas Pro-Am Challenge: $150 plus $35 gate admission/person


We’d love to have you join us!  If you are interested in setting up at one of our races, just let us know a few things so we can ensure that it will be a good fit for us both!  Email:

  • What will you be selling?
  • What event(s) are you interested in?
  • What is the type and size of your rig/setup? (Truck, trailer, semi, RV, 10×10 canopy, etc.)
  • Will you have any riders pitted with you?

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