Organized Practice


We hold several Organized Practice dates throughout the year in conjunction with most race weekends.  These dates are open to everyone…all bikes, ages, and skill levels are welcome!  No membership needed!  (Except where noted below.  An AMA membership may be required at certain events.)

It is organized into bike size and skill level groups for everyone’s safety (see groups at bottom of page).  Additionally, we have our medical staff and a full crew of flaggers on hand on all Organized Practice days.

The practice fee is always prorated throughout the day.  So even if you miss the first round of practice, you can still practice in the 2nd round, or even just 3rd round of practice!
All minors under 18 years MUST have a parent present to sign a release, OR they must bring a completed NOTARIZED release.  A minor will NOT be allowed to ride without this.  You can print a release HERE.

★  Age Minimum:  Must be 14 to practice or race on a 250cc motorcycle  |  Must be 16 to practice or race on a 251cc+ motorcycle.


2021 Organized Practice Dates

January 29  |  Friday  *An AMA membership is required as this is an AMA sanctioned event.

April 10  |  Saturday

May 7  |  Friday  *An AMA membership is required as this is an AMA sanctioned event.

June 5  |  Saturday

June 11  |  Friday  *An AMA membership is required as this is an AMA sanctioned event.  Only LLRQ event competitors may participate.

July 2  |  Friday

August 14  |  Saturday

September 4  |  Saturday 9am-3pm, $25 REGISTER NOW!

October 1  |  Rained out

November 5  | Friday

December 4  |  Saturday


1.  Big Bike Beginner/Novice (Over 25 years)
2.  Big Bike Intermediate/Expert
3.  85cc-150cc
4.  Big Bike Beginner/Novice (Under 24 years)
5.  65cc
6.  50cc
We run 3 rotations of the groups shown above; approximately 20 minutes for each group.


WE DO NOT OFFER DAILY RIDE PASSES.  To ride on a daily basis, you must have a yearly Practice Membership in order to ride at Swan MX Raceway Park.  Click to learn more about our Practice Memberships.

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