2015 Texas Pro Challenge Results!

2015 Texas Pro Challenge Results!

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The 24th Annual TEXAS PRO CHALLENGE results are now posted!


What a fantastic weekend of racing!!  We were incredibly blessed to have such perfect weather!  Thank you to all of the racers who came out and participated!  Riders traveled many hours from 13 different states to be here!  We hope that each one of you had a wonderful time, met some new friends, and made lots of great memories!
Thank you for your patience while we waited for the power to be restored on Saturday evening.  Our entire county road experienced a power outage, and we were so thankful to have it repaired in under an hour allowing us to complete Round 7 of the Lone Star Night Series!
We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of the 43 MANY NEW RACERS this weekend!  These were racers who had NEVER been to Swan before!  We loved seeing so many new faces and getting to meet some of you.  We welcome you back again to our future events!
With 73 pro entries entered in the 24th Annual Texas Pro Challenge, everyone enjoyed watching the full gates take off!  The overall winner of BOTH classes this year was Matt Bisceglia!  Congratulations to all of the racers who showed up and took on the challenge!
We really appreciate all of your support; we would not be here without you! 
We look forward to seeing you again soon!




Here are the top 15 winners of each pro class:
Open Pro Class
250 Pro Class
01.  Matt Bisceglia  (1-1)
01.  Matt Bisceglia  (1-1)
02.  Kyle Cunningham  (2-2)
02.  Travis Sewell  (2-2)
03.  Benny Bloss  (7-3)
03.  Blake Neiheiser  (3-4)
04.  Travis Sewell  (5-5)
04.  Benny Bloss  (5-3)
05.  Blake Neiheiser  (3-8) 
05.  Brady Kiesel  (6-5)
06.  Vann Martin  (4-10) 06.  Curren Thurman  (8-6)
07.  Heath Harrison  (9-6) 07.  John Short  (7-7)
08.   Ben LaMay  (15-4) 08.  Zack Williams  (10-8)
09.  Brady Kiesel  (10-9) 09.  Stone Edler  (9-10)
10.  Zack Williams  (8-11) 10.  Cody Eaton  (13-9)
11.  Curren Thurman  (14-7) 11.  Lane Shaw  (12-11)
12.  Caleb Bertrand (11-13) 12.  Jake Lowry  (15-12)
13.  Cody Eaton  (13-12) 13.  Brent Ash  (16-13)
14.  Stone Edler  (12-14) 14.  Caleb Johnson  (19-14)
15.  Jeremy Huddleston  (17-15)
15.  Mitchel Suire  (17-18)


A few photos from this weekend…   
Prayers for a safe journey to all who are headed our way tonight! See y'all in the morning when the gates open at 9am!   Organized Practice at noon!  #texasprochallenge #swanmx #training #practice #racing #premier #familyfriendly #facility #reddirt #tylerLooks like this will be a great weekend!! Hope to see you here!....

Last Photo Credit : April Intlehouse


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