Texas Lone Star Series

23nd Annual



UPDATED:  11.1.17

2017 Day Flier
★  Round 1
   April 9  (Saturday Organized Practice 4/8)

★  Round 2   June 10  (Friday Organized Practice 6/9)

★  Round 3   June 11  (Friday Organized Practice 6/9)

★  Round 4   July 1  (Friday Organized Practice 6/30)

★  Round 5   July 2  (Friday Organized Practice 6/30)

★  Round 6   August 12  (Friday Organized Practice 8/11)

★  Round 7   September 2  (Make up race. No Organized Practice)

★  Round 8   September 30-October 1  (Friday Organized Practice 9/29; 2-day race format)
+ 26th Annual Texas Pro-Am Challenge

★  Round 9   November 4-5  (No Organized Practice; 2-day race format)  
Series Finale + Complimentary Thanksgiving Fall Fest Cookout


Weekend Schedule:

NOTE:  There will be NO ORGANIZED PRACTICE on this weekend.  
(All registered racers will still get their normal race-day practice before their races begin each day.) 


Friday  |  November 3
Gate Hours:  6pm-11pm
Early Registration:  7pm-9pm


Saturday  |  November 4
Gate Hours:  6am-11pm
Registration:  6:15am-10pm

  Texas Lone Star State Championship MX Series | Round 8 (Moto 1)  
Practice:  7:30am
Races following practice

  Thanksgiving Fest Cookout after day racing ends (around 3-4pm)

★  Lone Star Night Series | Round 8  (Both motos)
Night Race Practice:  5:00pm
Night races immediately following practice

>> Night Series Overall Awards can be picked up as each class finishes their 2nd moto. (View ‘Night Series Details‘ (scroll to bottom)


Sunday  |  November 5
Gate Hours:  6:30am
Registration:  7:30am
Sunrise Service: TBA

  Texas Lone Star State Championship MX Series | Round 8 (Moto 2)  
Practice:  8:15am
Races following practice

>> Day Series Overall Awards and Prizes can be picked up throughout the day.  (View’Day Series Details’ (scroll to bottom of THIS current page))

>> The Day Series Grand Prize Drawing will be held after the races end and all eligible names have been added.



Gate Admission:
Friday-Sunday:       $20/Person
Saturday-Sunday:  $20/Person  ($10 after 6pm)
Sunday Only:          $10/Person

★  Upon entry on Friday & Saturday, you will be charged for the entire weekend.  If you leave on Saturday night, you will receive a refund for Sunday.  (Ticket & gate receipt required for gate refund upon leaving.)

★  Front gate admission must be paid with cash or check only.

★  Children 5 & under are FREE!

Dry Camping: 

RV Hookups: $30/night FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED  (More information HERE)

Race Entry:  $30/Night Class  |  $35/Day Class

*Gate admission accepts cash only.  Registration accepts cash or all major credit cards.


Series Classes:

Age Effective Dates:  Amateur classes:  January 1, 2017  |  Vet classes: Day of event.

Awards: Every event:  1st – 8th Place.  Series Overall:  1st – 8th Place.

PLEASE NOTE:  Although this series is not an AMA sanctioned series, in an effort to maintain consistency and uniformity, we will be conforming to the newest age rules regarding 250cc and 450cc bikes.   New AMA Changes beginning in 2017:

• No one under the age of 14 is allowed to compete on a 250cc motorcycle.
• No one under the age of 16 is allowed to compete on a 450cc motorcycle.

50 (4-6)   51cc 2S max or 90cc 4S max (Junior bikes.  No 59cc or 60cc engine kits.)
50 (7-8)   51cc 2S max or 90cc 4S max  (Senior bikes.  No 59cc or 60cc engine kits.)
50 Open (4-8)   51cc 2S max or 90cc 4S max
65 (7-9)   65cc 2S max or 110cc 4S max
65 (10-12)   65cc 2S max or 110cc 4S max
65 Open (7-12)   65cc 2S max or 110cc 4S max
85 Beginner (7-15)   79-112cc 2S SW & BW or 75-150cc 4S SW & BW
85 (7-11)   79-85cc 2S SW or 75-150cc 4S SW (No BW)
85 (9-13)   79-85cc 2S SW or 75-150cc 4S SW (No BW)
85 (12-15)   79-85cc 2S SW or 75-150cc 4S SW (No BW)
Supermini 1 (7-12)   79-112cc 2S SW & BW or 75-150cc 4S SW & BW
Supermini 2 (12-16)   79-112cc 2S SW & BW or 75-150cc 4S SW & BW ​
Schoolboy 1 (12-16)   86-125cc 2S BW or 75-150cc 4S BW (No SW)
Schoolboy 2 (13-16)   100-150cc 2S BW or 126-250cc 4S BW (No SW)
Open Beginner   122-450cc 2S & 4S
125-650 Open Nov/Beg (C/D)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
Amateur Open (B,C,D)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
Collegeboy Open Amt (16-24)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
Women   80-250cc 2S & 4S (No 450F)
250 Nov (C) 12-16   122-250cc 2S & 4S (No 450F)
250 Nov (C) 17+   122-250cc 2S & 4S (No 450F)
250 Int (B)   122-250cc 2S & 4S (No 450F)
250 Pro (A)   122-250cc 2S & 4S (No 450F); 200% payback (100% if 6 riders or less)
450 Nov (C)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
450 Int (B)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
450 Pro (A)   122cc+ 2S & 4S; 200% payback (100% if 6 riders or less)
25+ Exp (A)   122cc+ 2S & 4S; 100% payback
25+ Amt (B,C,D)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
30+ Adv (A,B)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
30+ Amt (C,D)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
40+ Adv (A,B)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
40+ Amt (C,D)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
45+ Adv (A,B)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
45+ Amt (C,D)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
50+ Open   122cc+ 2S & 4S
55+ Open   122cc+ 2S & 4S

Notes: 2S= 2-stroke 4S= 4-stroke SW= Small Wheel BW= Big Wheel

Online Registration:

Online Registration is not available for this event.  All registration will take place on race weekend at the scoring tower.

Minor Release:

NO RELEASE = NO RIDE!  All riders under 18 years MUST have a parent present to sign a release. Or you may bring a NOTARIZED release signed by a parent.  AN UNACCOMPANIED MINOR WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RACE UNLESS THEY HAVE A VALID CONSENT FORM.  All minors attending this event without parents, must come with a NOTARIZED statement from parents or legal guardian giving permission for another adult to act as guardian to sign releases.


AMA Membership:

No memberships of any kind are needed to race on this weekend.  Just show up, sign up, practice, and race!

Other Information:

★  Water is available for washing bikes; bring your own power washer.
★  PARENTS, PLEASE help us! Pit riding is allowed, BUT must be kept in 1st gear, and no riding in the grass.
★  Permitted pit vehicles include: Pit bikes, Golf carts, Side X Side, Scooters & bicycles with helmets.
All riders under 21 MUST wear a helmet when riding through the pits.
★  All permitted pit vehicles must be parked for the night by 10 PM.
★  Race day radio broadcast: 96.9FM

Racer Supporting Hotels:

Be sure to ask for your “Swan Racer’s Discount!”

★  Best Western Lindale  903.882.8884
★  Hampton Inn Lindale  903.882.1002

Series Details:

★  Age Effective:  January 1, 2017
★  No membership of any kind is required to participate in this series.
★  All classes are considered modified unless specified.
★  Amateur Awards:  1st – 8th at each event (No trophies to Experts/Pros).
★  Rider must compete in a minimum of 6 events to be eligible for OVERALL AWARDS, CONTINGENCIES, and GRAND PRIZE DRAWING.
★  If you race more than 6 rounds, your best 7 of 9 will count.
★  All 6 events must be in the SAME class.  If you change classes mid-season, your points will NOT transfer.
★  Overall Series Awards:  1st-8th at Series Finale in November.
★  Overall Series Contingencies:  1st-8th at Series Finale in November.
★  Grand Prize Drawing:  20 grand prize winners will be randomly selected from racers who have raced a minimum of 6 events. The top 5 in every class will gain a 2nd entry. Grand prizes include a new dirtbike, bicycles, free racing at Swan MX, free Swan MX practice memberships, and more!  (Free racing prize may NOT be used to race in Pro/Expert money-paying classes.) More information regarding the drawing is listed below…
★  Rider MUST attend last round to receive Overall Series Award and Contingencies, and MUST be present for the Grand Prize Drawing.
★  Pro Payback: 250 Pro and 450 Pro 200% per moto (100% if under 7 riders).
★  Expert Payback: 25+A 100% per moto
★  Pro and expert money classes are eligible for OVERALL AWARDS, but not contingencies.
★  2-Moto Format
★  Points Paid Overall using Point Scale: 1st=25 points, 2nd=22, 3rd=20, 4th=18, 5th=16, and minus one point scale from 6th place through 20th.
★  At the Series Finale in November, you may pick up your Texas Lone Star Series awards and contingencies during the day on Sunday soon after your class is finished racing. You will have 30 minutes to review the final results before you can pick up your prizes.
★  To be able to pick up your Texas Lone Star Series overall series awards, you must show a valid photo ID. (Children must have a parent with a valid photo ID present to claim their prizes.)



★  At the Series Finale in November, the Grand Prize drawing can not be done until after ALL of the classes have run and all of the eligible names are put into the hat for the drawing.
★  Twenty (20) different individual names will be called for the drawing.
★  Grand prizes include a new dirtbike, and various prizes such as: bicycles, GoPro cameras, free helmet painting, free racing at Swan MX, free Swan MX practice memberships, and more!

★  There are two (2) ways to be entered into the drawing:
A.)  You will get your name into the drawing one time for just competing in a minimum of 6 events, for each class you raced.

B.) You will get your name into the drawing one additional time for each class you finish top 5 in the series.

★  Please note that the RIDER MUST BE PRESENT to claim a prize from the Grand Prize drawing.

★  The results that are currently posted have been re-c!alculated (as of October 30) to count only YOUR BEST 5 RACES (or 6, if applicable).


Sherman Powersports logoBe sure to stop by and see Sherman Powersports on Vendor Row at our races!  They will be displaying several NEW 2017 DIRTBIKES, one of which was given to a lucky Grand Prize Winner in the 2016 Texas Lone Star State Championship MX Series at the November 2016 Series Finale!!

And if you are in the Sherman, Texas area, we hope that you will visit their new showroom!  They have expanded and are constantly adding new units!  Sherman Powersports is now under new ownership and would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!  Remember to support those who support Swan and our great sport of motocross!!

Check your results online and notify us immediately if any discrepancies are noted.

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