Beginner Class Riders: Updated Beginner Results

We will be going by these updated results, not the ones in the usual Trackside results at the bottom of this page, as we were not able to modify them.  SEE POST REGARDING BEGINNER CLASSES >

(Results Updated 10/7/19)

DAY – 50cc Beginner          DAY – 65cc-85cc Beginner          DAY – 85cc Beginner         DAY – Open Beginner

NIGHT – 50cc Beginner          NIGHT – 65cc-85cc Beginner          NIGHT – 85cc Beginner         NIGHT – Open Beginner

Beginner is defined as a rider that has NOT competed in any form of motorcycle racing prior to January 1, 2018.

Beginner classes are for new riders to try racing to see if they like it.  It isn’t a place to plan on winning a series championship.  

When a rider moves up in bike size, they CANNOT DROP BACK to a beginner class.

Swan MX Raceway Park reserves the right to place riders according to speed & ability.  Riders will be advanced at our discretion and may be advanced throughout the year out of the beginner class, if necessary.  Series points will not transfer from class to class.

Three 1st place finishes in a Beginner class = rider will be advanced
Four 2nd place finishes in a Beginner class = rider will be advanced
Or a combination of a total of four 1stt & 2ndplace finishes.
* Subject to a class entry minimum of 5 riders, or at the discretion of Swan MX Raceway Park.
* Double Points paying races will be counted as ONE event for this purpose.

Riding another class:  Beginner riders may race another class, BUT if they place in the TOP 30% they will be moved out of the beginner class.  (Top 30% based on 8 rider class minimum.)

Sandbagging:  If it is determined that a rider is sandbagging, they will be immediately advanced and will lose any accumulated series points.

NOTICE:  Updated 8:15pm 10/7/19

DAY Series:  These results have been calculated to count the BEST 5 races in the DAY series, or best 6 if you raced more than 5 races.  Overall Awards, Prizes, and the Grand Prize Drawing will be held on November 2-3 weekend.

NIGHT Series:  These results have been calculated to count the the BEST 7 races in the NIGHT series thus far, or best 8 if you have raced more than 7.  There is still one more round to be held on November 2, with the overall awards being given out that same night.


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