Practice Memberships


WE DO NOT OFFER DAILY RIDE PASSES.  You must have a yearly Practice Membership in order to ride at Swan MX Raceway Park.  To ride for just one day, please come on one of our monthly Organized Practice days!

A Practice Membership at Swan MX Park allows you to ride just about anytime you want!  Pay ONE annual fee and ride the entire year!  (This excludes race weekends and Organized Practice days*.)

The track is groomed almost every weekend throughout the entire year.  Members are welcome to bring guests to SPECTATE, but may NOT bring guest riders.

We are open everyday of the week, from 9am until sunset.  Your gate access card enables you to come and go as you’d like.

The reasons we are sometimes closed is due to too much rain, or if we are having a race.  Members are allowed to come out before an event and leave their trailers/campers ahead of time in order to save their spot for the race weekend.

Members also have the use of private restrooms with heated showers. There are water & electrical hookups available in the practice parking area for members to use during practice days. You are welcome to come and camp out and make a weekend of it!

* NOTE:  A practice membership and the included member RV hookups are SEPARATE from race weekends and Organized Practice days.  We have a full staff of workers, paramedics, and flaggers at every race, so the gate admission and practice fees help cover those extra expenses.

The track usually closes Thursday-Sunday when we race in order to prepare the facility and track.  Members are allowed to drop trailers through most Wednesdays before we race, but members may not stay.  We send our members the exact schedule before each event, as it can vary slightly from race to race.



If you have had a previous practice membership within the past few years, renewing is very easy!  Simply click below to print your renewal forms.  Then you may either MAIL them or HAND DELIVER them on any practice day* or race day.  We will re-activate your gate card for you once we receive your completed forms!

RENEW HERE for 2021! > 

* Please contact us ahead of time if you plan to renew and bring your forms on a non-signup practice day so we can be sure to meet you at the gate.  You are welcome to ride on that same day!




All memberships end on December 31, 2021.

★  January – December Rates  (12 months | Sign up in January)
$325/Single rider and $400/Family membership (on same tax return)


★  May – December Rates  (8 months | Sign up in May)
$275/Single rider and $340/Family membership (on same tax return)


★  September – December Rates  (4 months | Sign up in September)
$160/Single rider and $240/Family membership (on same tax return)

*We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.



For those of you wanting to become a NEW Member in 2021, you will be able to get a membership at the track on SELECT Sundays in JANUARYMAY, or SEPTEMBER from 10am-2pm (listed below).

You must sign up IN PERSON if you are a first-time member to receive your gate card and have a one-on-one orientation (please allow for 1 hour).  All riders must be present.  You are then welcome to ride after you have joined, so be sure to bring your dirt bike and gear with you!  

Swan MX Raceway Park reserves the right to refuse selling a membership to any individual for any reason.



The dates listed below will be the dates that we will be at the track to meet with new members and go through the 1 hour orientation.  Please do not show up on a non-sign up day or come with a current member intending to join.  Please come only on the dates listed below!

★  Sign Up Dates for the ‘January – December’ Membership Period
January 02  |  Saturday from 10am-2pm  
January 03  |  
Sunday from 10am-2pm

January 10  |  Rained out.
January 17  |  Sunday from 10am-2pm
January 24  |  Sunday from 10am-2pm
January 31  | This is a race weekend.  If you would like to join, you may come and sign up once the races are over on Sunday, around 4pm.  The track will be closed for no riding, but you’re welcome to come and join!  Be sure to check in at the registration building so we know you are there to join.

★  Sign Up Dates for the ‘May – December’ Membership Period
May 02  |  Sunday from 10am-2pm
May 09  | This is a race weekend. We will NOT be able to do any membership sign-ups on this weekend.
May 16  |  Sunday from 10am-2pm
May 23  | This is a race weekend. We will NOT be able to do any membership sign-ups on this weekend.
May 30  |  Sunday from 10am-2pm


★  Sign Up Dates for the ‘September – December’ Membership Period
September 05  |  This is a race weekend. We will NOT be able to do any membership sign-ups on this weekend.
September 12  |  Sunday from 10am-2pm
September 19  |  Sunday from 10am-2pm
September 26  |  Sunday from 10am-2pm   THIS WILL BE THE LAST NEW MEMBER SIGN UP DATE FOR 2021





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