Lone Star Night Series

13th Annual


PAGE UPDATED:  October 22, 2019

There will be Organized Practice offered on all race weekends! 

★  Round 1   April 20 

★  Round 2   May 25

★  Round 3   June 15

★  Rounds 4/5   July 6  DOUBLE POINTS!  

★  Round 6   August 10

★  Round 7   August 24

★  Round 8   August 30  FRIDAY NIGHT RACING!
+ 28th Annual Texas Pro-Am Challenge

★  Round 9   October 5

★  Round 10   November 2  FINAL ROUND!  Overall Awards will be given out.

* Must race in 7 of 10 rounds to be eligible for night series OVERALL AWARDS.  If you race more than 7 rounds, your best 8 of 10 will count


Weekend Format

+ Organized Practice (9am-3pm)
+ 31st Annual Thanksgiving Fall Fest Cookout (Free for everyone!)
+ Night Races and Series Awards

+ Red Dirt Fall Classic Race - scroll down to see classes!
+ Select Vintage Classes offered - scroll down to see classes!
Hero Cross Benefit Race
+ Pitbike Race
+ Day Series Awards, Prizes, and Grand Prize Drawing
+ 50 Years Celebration!  Cake will be served!

As the oldest continuously running racetrack in Texas, we invite you to come and join us on November 3 as we celebrate 50 YEARS!!!

Weekend Schedule | November 2-3

Friday  |  November 1
Gate Hours:  7pm-11pm  Gates will be locked at 11pm, so please plan accordingly. No entry/exit after 11pm.
Early Registration:  8pm-9pm


Saturday  |  November 2
Gate Hours:  7am-11pm  Gates will be locked at 11pm, so please plan accordingly. No entry/exit after 11pm.
Registration:  7:30am-9pm

  Organized Practice  9am-3pm

★  Fall Fest Cookout – Free to everyone!  Food will be served around 4pm.

★  Lone Star Night Series | Round 10
Night Race Practice:  5pm  (No late or clean bike practice)
Night races immediately following practice (around 6:15pm)

>>> Overall awards for the 1st-8th place winners of the Lone Star Night Series will be given out soon after each class races their 2nd moto.  Riders must compete in a minimum of 7 events to be eligible.  If you race more than 7 rounds, your best 8 of 10 will count.

Sunday  |  November 3
Gate Hours:  6am
Registration:  7am
Sunrise Service: TBA

★  Red Dirt Fall Classic Race
Practice:  8am  (No late or clean bike practice)
Races following practice (around 9:15am)

>>> The Vintage Classes, HeroCross Class, and Pitbike Race will all be integrated into the race order.

>>> Cake will be served at intermission after Moto 1 as we celebrate 50 years of Swan!

>>> The Grand Prize Drawing will be held on Sunday at intermission after Moto 1.  RIDER MUST BE PRESENT!!

>>> Overall awards for the 1st-8th place winners of the Texas Lone Star State Championship MX Series may be picked up anytime on Saturday or Sunday!  Rider must have competed in a minimum of 5 events to be eligible.  Check your results.


Just getting started in motocross racing? Click HERE for helpful information!

night track


Gate Admission:
Friday-Sunday:       $20/Person
Saturday-Sunday:  $20/Person  ($10 after 8pm)
Sunday Only:          $10/Person

★  Upon entry you will be charged for the entire weekend.  If you leave early, you will receive a refund for the remaining days.  (Ticket AND gate receipt required for gate refund upon leaving.)
★  All persons entering the park will be charged a gate fee (includes racers, spectators, guests, etc.).
★  Front gate admission may be paid with cash, check, or credit card.
★  Children 5 & under are FREE!

Dry Camping:  FREE!

RV Hookups:  $30/day ($60/weekend)  FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED  (We currently have 6 spots available (30amp). More information HERE)

Organized Practice:  $25/Rider  Register & pay at tower for practice sticker

Race Entry:  $30/Night Class  |  $35/Sunday Class

*Gate Admission and Race Registration accepts cash, checks, and credit cards.


RV Hookups:

We sell our RV spots for the season; all remaining unsold spots (6 spots) will be available FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED at each event ($30/day/30amp).  No reservations will be made before the gates open for a race weekend.  More info here: RV Hookups



All registration will take place on race weekends at the scoring tower using our touchscreen self-registration system.  If you do not find yourself in the kiosk, or you are a brand new racer, you will need to fill out a paper entry form during registration so we can manually add you to our racing system for next time.


Save time on race day if you’re already in our racing system!  We can add you beforehand so you can register yourself using the kiosk when you arrive!  You may email the needed information to info@swanmx.com and we will get you added!  (Submit by midnight on Thursday, October 31.)

Rider’s name
Rider’s date of birth
Phone number
Bike number (must be a number, no “X”) / Bike brand / Bike cc  (You will use your bike number to lookup your name in the kiosk.)
Emergency contact (Name & Phone number)


Minor Release:

NO VALID RELEASE = NO RIDE!  All riders under 18 years MUST have a parent present to sign a release. Or you may bring a NOTARIZED release signed by a parent.  

AN UNACCOMPANIED MINOR WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RACE UNLESS THEY HAVE A VALID CONSENT FORM.  All minors attending this event without parents, must come with a NOTARIZED statement from parents or legal guardian giving permission for another adult to act as guardian to sign releases.




This is not an AMA sanctioned race.  No memberships of any kind are needed to race on this weekend.  Just show up, sign up, practice, and race!


Class Specifics:

★  Age Effective Dates:  Amateur classes:  January 1, 2019  |  Vet classes: Day of event.

★  Age Minimum:  Must be 14 to practice or race on a 250cc motorcycle  |  Must be 16 to practice or race on a 251cc+ motorcycle.  ** Be prepared to show proof of age if requested. **

★  Awards:  Every event:  1st – 5th Place  |   Series Overall:  1st – 8th Place.

★  Purse:  Open Pro pay 200% per moto (100% if 6 riders or less)

★  All classes are considered modified.

★  Series Tie Breaker:  If a tie is recorded in the final point standings, the tie breaker will be the best finish in the last event that either or both riders attended in that series.


Beginner Class Riders

Beginner is defined as a rider that has NOT competed in any form of motorcycle racing prior to January 1, 2018.

Beginner classes are for new riders to try racing to see if they like it.  It isn’t a place to plan on winning a series championship.  When a rider moves up in bike size, they CANNOT DROP BACK to a beginner class.

Swan MX Raceway Park reserves the right to place riders according to speed & ability. Riders will be advanced at our discretion and may be advanced throughout the year out of the beginner class, if necessary.  Series points will not transfer from class to class.

Three 1st place finishes in a Beginner class = rider will be advanced
Four 2nd place finishes in a Beginner class = rider will be advanced
Or a combination of a total of four 1st & 2nd place finishes.
* Subject to a class entry minimum of 5 riders, or at the discretion of Swan MX Raceway Park.
* Double Points paying races will be counted as ONE event for this purpose.

★  Riding another class:  Beginner riders may race another class, BUT if they place in the TOP 30% they will be moved out of the beginner class.  (Top 30% based on 8 rider class minimum.)

★  Sandbagging:  If it is determined that a rider is sandbagging, they will be immediately advanced and will lose any accumulated series points.


Championship Series Classes:

Updated: April 8, 2019

           50 Beginner (4-8)   51cc 2S max or 90cc 4S max – Please read all Beginner Class criteria listed above to make sure you qualify.

           50 (4-6)   51cc 2S max or 90cc 4S max; 10″ wheel max  (Junior bikes.  No 59cc or 60cc engine kits.)

           50 (7-8)   51cc 2S max or 90cc 4S max; 12″ wheel max  (Senior bikes.  No 59cc or 60cc engine kits.)

           50 Open (4-8)   51cc 2S max or 90cc 4S max

           65-85 Beginner (7-11)   65cc-85cc 2S max or 110cc 4S max – Please read all Beginner Class criteria listed above to make sure you qualify.

           65 (7-9)   65cc 2S max or 110cc 4S max

           65 (10-11)   65cc 2S max or 110cc 4S max

           65 Open (7-11)   65cc 2S max or 110cc 4S max

           85 Beginner (12-15)   79-112cc 2S SW & BW or 75-150cc 4S SW & BW – Please read all Beginner Class criteria listed above to make sure you qualify.

           85 (9-11)   79-85cc 2S SW or 75-150cc 4S SW (No BW)

           85 (9-13)   79-85cc 2S SW or 75-150cc 4S SW (No BW)

           85 (12-15)   79-85cc 2S SW or 75-150cc 4S SW (No BW)

           Supermini 1 (9-12)   79-112cc 2S SW & BW or 75-150cc 4S SW & BW

           Supermini 2 (12-16)   79-112cc 2S SW & BW or 75-150cc 4S SW & BW ​

           Schoolboy 1 (12-16)   86-125cc 2S BW or 75-150cc 4S BW (No SW)

           Schoolboy 2 (13-16)   100-150cc 2S BW or 126-250cc 4S BW (No SW)

           125-650 Open Nov/Beg (C/D)   122cc+ 2S & 4S

           Amateur Open (B,C,D)   122cc+ 2S & 4S (No Pro (A) riders)

           Collegeboy Open Amateur (16-24)   122cc+ 2S & 4S (No Pro (A) riders)

           Two-Stroke Amateur (12+)  122cc+ 2S (No 4-Stroke; No Pro (A) riders)

           Women   80-250cc 2S & 4S (No 450F)

           Open Beginner   122-450cc 2S & 4S – Please read all Beginner Class criteria listed above to make sure you qualify.

           250 Nov (C)   122-250cc 2S & 4S (No 450F)

           250 Int (B)   122-250cc 2S & 4S (No 450F)

           450 Nov (C)   122cc+ 2S & 4S

           450 Int (B)   122cc+ 2S & 4S

           Open Pro (A)   122cc+ 2S & 4S; 200% payback (100% if 6 riders or less)

           25+ Open (A,B,C,D)   122cc+ 2S & 4S

           30+ Adv (A,B)   122cc+ 2S & 4S

           30+ Amt (C,D)   122cc+ 2S & 4S

           40+ Adv (A,B)   122cc+ 2S & 4S

           40+ Amt (C,D)   122cc+ 2S & 4S

            50+ Adv (A,B)   122cc+ 2S & 4S

            50+ Amt (C,D)   122cc+ 2S & 4S

            55+ Open   122cc+ 2S & 4S


Notes: 2S= 2-stroke 4S= 4-stroke SW= Small Wheel BW= Big Wheel


Other Information:

★  Water is available for washing bikes; bring your own power washer.
★  Friendly dogs are allowed, but must be kept on a leash at all times, even in your pit area.
★  PARENTS, PLEASE help us! Pit riding is allowed, BUT must be kept in 1st gear, and no riding in the grass.
★  Permitted pit vehicles include: Pit bikes, Golf carts, Side X Side, Scooters & bicycles with helmets.
All riders under 21 MUST wear a helmet when riding through the pits. 
★  All permitted pit vehicles must be parked for the night by 10 PM.
★  Race day radio broadcast: 96.9FM.


Series Rules

1.  Riders MUST be signed-up and have the correct practice sticker on their helmet before they get on the track.

2.  If a rider experiences a mechanical breakdown or other problem that prevents them from riding the machine that they used in the first moto, they ARE PERMITTED to CHANGE to another machine provided they follow the guidelines below:
……….a.  The machine must be legal for the class.
……….b.  They must notify the registration tower immediately of the bike change and of any number change.

3.  Emergency and track staff are the ONLY persons allowed within the track boundries while a race or practice is in progress.  THIS IS A SAFETY ISSUE AND WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!!  *50cc class parents are the ONLY EXCEPTION!

4.  No Big Wheel bikes or Honda 150 4-Strokes allowed in the following 85cc age classes:
……….85cc (9-11)
……….85cc (9-13)
……….85cc (12-15)

5.  YELLOW Flag = NO PASSING and NO JUMPING (wheels on the ground).  THIS IS A SAFETY ISSUE & WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!!  (There is no red cross flag, so pay attention to the YELLOW FLAG!)  *Minimal penality of docked positions

6.  FIGHTING – Riders involved in fighting will be DISQUALIFIED for the event

7.  NO PIT RACING – Speed limit of 1st gear while on the pit roads/grounds.  No riding in the grass!

8.  PRACTICE – Riding with the wrong practice group is grounds for disqualification.

9.  CHECK YOUR RESULTS.  The protest period is 20 minutes after results have been posted.

10.  Rider MUST Cross The Finish Line UNASSISTED to be scored.  If a rider experiences a mechanical breakdown or other problem that prevents them from riding their machine, a rider is allowed to push across the finish line in full view of the scorers through the checkered flag to be scored.  It is the RIDER’S RESPONSIBILITY to notify the staff at the registration tower within the 30-minute protest period of the “push beside the finish” to be sure they were scored correctly.


*Penalties for any infractions will be administered at the discretion of Swan MX Raceway Park.



Racer Supporting Hotels:

Be sure to ask for your “Swan Racer’s Discount!”

★  Hampton Inn Lindale  903.882.1002


Series Details:

★  Age Effective:  January 1, 2019
★  No membership of any kind is required to participate in this series.
★  All classes are considered modified unless specified.
★  Amateur Awards: 1st – 5th at each event (No trophies to Pros).
★  Overall Series Awards: 1st – 8th at Series Finale in November.
★  Rider must compete in a minimum of 7 events to be eligible for an Overall Night Series Award.
★  Best 7 of 10 events count for series points.
★  If you race more than 7 rounds, your best 8 of 10 will count.
★  All 7 events must be in the SAME class.  If you change classes mid-season, your points will NOT transfer.
★  Rider MUST attend last round to receive Overall Series Award.
★  Pro Payback:  Open Pro 200% per moto (100% if under 7 riders).
★  2 Moto Format
★  Points Paid Overall using Point Scale: 1st=25 points, 2nd=22, 3rd=20, 4th=18, 5th=16, and minus one point scale from 6th place through 20th.
★  At the Series Finale in November, you may pick up your award soon after you have raced your 2nd moto.
★  To be able to pick up your Lone Star Night Series overall series award, you must show a valid photo ID. (Children must have a parent with a valid photo ID present to claim their prizes.)

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