Hero Cross Benefit Race

HERO CROSS BENEFIT RACE  |  November 3, 2019


Swan MX is honored to once again be hosting a POLICE vs. FIRE vs. MILITARY vs. MEDICAL Benefit Race!  This special class will race on Sunday, November 3.

Proceeds from this special class will be donated to a needy cause.

We want to invite everyone to come out and show your support of all of these officers, firemen, servicemen, and medical professionals who will be racing for a great cause!

We will offer this special Hero Cross class 4 times in 2019!  We’d love to have you join us at as many of them as you can!
May 26     • July 7     • September 1     • November 3

Scroll down for race schedule!


Who can race in this special class?

Any member of law enforcement, fire department, military, EMT/paramedic or medical field are welcome!
(Current, former, retired, active, or reserves.)
When registering for this special class, racers will specify which team they belong to, either the Police Team, Fire Team, Military Team, or Medical Team!  Racers will receive a custom event team bib to be worn while racing so race fans can cheer on the leading team!

Thank you!

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of the law enforcement officers, firefighters, military, and medical professionals for their selfless efforts to serve, protect, and defend us!  This fun race will be a way to put these servicemen in the spotlight and show our support for the sacrifices they make for us on a daily basis.

We hope you can come out and join us!

If you will be coming just to watch, HERE is some great spectator info for you!

Sunday Schedule:

Gate Hours:  6am
Registration Opens:  7am (You may register on Friday or Saturday as well.)
Practice:  8am
Race:  Moto 1 and Moto 2 will be integrated into the normal race order on Sunday.

We will have more events happening on this same weekend!  You are welcome to come and camp on Friday or Saturday evening, or participate in Saturday’s optional
Organized Practice (9am-3pm), Saturday’s Night races, or Sunday’s Day races.  

We will have many other classes offered on Sunday if you’d like to race another class while you’re here! 


Gate Admission:
Saturday-Sunday: $20/Person
Sunday Only:  $10/Person

★  All persons entering the park will be charged a gate fee (includes racers, spectators, guests, etc.).
★  Front gate admission may be paid with cash, check, or credit card.
★  Children 5 & under are FREE!

Race Entry:  $35 Police/Fire/Military/Medical Race  All proceeds from this special class will be donated to a worthy cause.

Who can race in this special class?  Any member of law enforcement, fire department, EMT/paramedic, military, or medical field are welcome!  (Current, former, retired, active, or reserves.)

*Gate admission & Race registration accepts cash and all major credit cards.

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