Below is a list of questions that we are commonly asked.  If you don’t see your answer below, feel free to email us!



QUESTION:  Can I pay and ride for the day, week, or month?

ANSWER:   No, you must have a yearly Practice Membership in order to ride at Swan MX Raceway Park.  SORRY, WE DO NOT OFFER DAILY/ WEEKLY/ MONTHLY RIDE PASSES.  We are closed to the public, except for a few designated Organized Practice dates throughout the year.  Click to learn more about our yearly Practice Memberships.


QUESTION:  Do you offer any practice days that are open to the pubic?

ANSWER:  Yes!  We will hold several Organized Practice dates throughout the year in conjunction with certain race weekends.  These dates are open to everyone…all bikes and skill levels welcome.  No membership needed!  Click to view our Organized Practices dates.


QUESTION:  If I have a yearly Practice Membership can I bring friends to ride with me?

ANSWER:  No, only current members may ride; no guest riders are allowed.  You are more than welcome to bring friends to spectate, but they may not ride.


QUESTION:  Am I able to sign up for a yearly Practice Membership online or over the phone?

ANSWER:  You must sign up in person if you are a first-time member to receive your gate card and have a one-on-one orientation (please allow for 1 hour).  Every year thereafter, you may simply renew either in person or by mail!



QUESTION:  I will not be able to attend the races with my child.  Can a friend take them for me?

ANSWER:  Yes, but ONLY if they bring a NOTARIZED Minor’s Release.  If you will not be coming with your child to the races, you must send them with a NOTARIZED Minor’s Release in order for them to be allowed on the track.  They must bring two (2) copies; one for us to keep, and one for the friend to keep, in case of emergency.  It MUST be notarized in order to be valid.   NOTE:  We do NOT have a notary onsite.  You may take your consent form to a bank, library, or certain UPS stores to get it notarized.  CLICK TO PRINT A MINOR RELEASE


QUESTION:  If I am 18, can I sign my younger sibling’s minor’s release since our parents are not present?

ANSWER:  No, you are not their legal guardian.  The only exception is if you bring us a NOTARIZED statement from your parents listing you as a legal guardian.  It MUST be notarized in order to be valid.  CLICK TO PRINT A MINOR RELEASE


QUESTION:  Do I have to fill out a minor’s release at every single race?

ANSWER:   Yes, we must have a completed minor’s release form at each event.  The only exception is if you submit to us a NOTARIZED Minor’s Release that is filled out for the entire year.  In order to make your minor’s release valid for the entire year, be sure to fill out the date blank using the RACE DATE – December 31, 2017.  We will then keep it on file so you will not need to fill one out at future events.  CLICK TO PRINT A MINOR RELEASE

Note: At any of our AMA events, you will still need to fill out an official AMA release at the track for us to mail in to the AMA.

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